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Want To Grow Your Wealth Passively? These High-Yield Real Estate Notes Might Be Your Holy Grail

November 8, 2023

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Before you invest in inflation-beating securities, it’s worth researching the issuer’s track record.

Dreaming about passive income? You’d have to invest quite a sum in funds with low yields to make the equivalent of an average American salary in passive investments — over $1.5 million worth of 20-year T-bonds in 2023. And your yield would remain fixed as inflation chipped away at your purchasing power.

Financial behemoths like multibillion-dollar insurance companies and investment funds know this, which is why you may find mortgage-backed high-yields in their portfolios.In case of a default, these experts know that they can at least sell the foreclosed property to recoup their investments.

However, defaults are not to be taken lightly. Before you invest in inflation-beating securities, it’s worth researching the issuer’s track record. Connect Invest offers high-yield, short-term real estate notes that earn 7.5% to 9%. And the company’s transparency makes it easy to learn about its practices, record of returns and expenses.

Connect Invest’s loan originator sustained defaults in only 1.93% of the cases across more than 1,200 funded loans. To put that into perspective, 5.2% U.S. commercial real estate loans defaulted in February this year.

Todd Parriott, Connect Invest’s founder and CEO, spent over 30 years in real estate and financial services. He started the company in 2015 to expand access to steady, predictable income for regular Americans. Individuals can contribute as little as $500 to invest in a well-managed and diverse portfolio of commercial and residential real estate loans.

Over the investment period, investors earn interest paid out monthly from those loans. When the note reaches maturity, the full principle is paid out. The notes the company offers have terms as short as six months, which is particularly advantageous in today’s turbulent financial landscape. You can withdraw your investment before the note's maturity date, adding another layer of liquidity.

Connect Invest’s two-year note yields a fixed 9% annually — that’s $1,800 in profits for a $10,000 investment. If you’re looking for an aggressive investment backed by tangible assets, it might be just the thing for you.

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