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Single-Family Rentals Are Filling an Important Void in the Market

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

March 16, 2023

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Amid some popular misconceptions, major benefits for renters and investors alike have become more apparent.

The single-family housing rental (SFR) market quickly became a commercial real estate investment darling over the last few years. And as housing costs increased more than 13% last year, and mortgage rates are now keeping more potential buyers in rentals, demand from growing millennial families looking for spacious homes in quality neighborhoods is feeding the attention.

But with the added attention has come some misconceptions as well, among them whether the investors are big Wall Street players or more grassroots, mom-and-pop buyers.

In this podcast, SVN | SFR Capital Management, CEO Jeff Cline and EVP, Michael Finch explain:

  • What popular sentiment gets right and wrong about the sector;

  • How the asset class is opening up opportunities for home builders amid rising construction costs; and

  • How SFRs are addressing common problems in the housing market.

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