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Leading The Challenge 

Raising brand recognition and platform users using strategic implementation

Private Property

Launched during Q4 of 2018, aimed to become the #1 SFR and BFR investment platform across the country.  With an initial plan to acquire 5,000 new users during the first 3 years, our team's continuous marketing efforts to be on the top have led us to over-achieve our growth goals by 49.4%.

Data Points

Achieving's user and brand awareness goals were challenging for the marketing team. However, this didn't stop us from reaching 2,470 verified users during the first 36 months after the launch of the platform. The team used a combination of many marketing channels from social media, in-person events, conferences, and email marketing.

Initially using IMN (Conference Name) as the perfect tool to break through the first barrier, the plan was executed with a 3-week marketing campaign across different social media channels giving special focus to LinkedIn due to its networking and B2B attributes. 

Results exceeded expectations by raising awareness by over 3.3 points and increasing's new verified users by 20.5%.

After the success of our first IMN conference in 2019, the strategy developed into a multi-touch approach using IMN as the center of our marketing efforts. As a result, our marketing team increased the yearly number of conferences and events to 9 in an attempt to create a much more robust network of users on our platform, composed of CRE professionals, investors, industry leaders, analysts, and home sellers.

As our network increased, we aimed to retarget and remarket individuals using Ad Campaigns, Email marketing, and Social Media Marketing reaching a total of 15,561 people across our different channels. Consequently, our website traffic skyrocketed by 49% and our number of underwritten portfolios surpassed the 500 mark by the end of 2020.

During the pandemic, the marketing team decided to push forward by setting in motion multiple webinars along with the alliance member program. This opened new opportunities to increase the number of eyes on our business by providing a much more complex view of the SFR and BFR world while educating over 1500 people during 2021. 

Today, our scale has increased considerably, over-achieving our initial goals for the first three years since the launch of by 49.4%. Social media growth has registered an increase of over 1,300% in page views since 2020, and our email database has surpassed 30,000 recipients. In addition, we strategically focussed our efforts and established our brand in key markets reaching the highest recognition in states such as California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

Finally, we expect our growth to continue by implementing a horizontal strategy in cooperation with our Alliance Members. Yet to be announced, we look for a 70% increase in engagement and a 25% lift in brand awareness by Q1 of 2023. 

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